When properly stored and maintained, leather goods can last a lifetime. These tips for protecting, cleaning and storing leather products will help them retain their quality and longevity.


•     Treat leather products to prevent future  stains. Apply a leather protector like RUDSAK’s All Care Protector spray to prevent water spots and stains.

•     Limit exposure to wax or silicone, as these clog the leather’s pores.

•     Do not apply mink oil or other fats, which can darken leathers.

•     Avoid using cleaning products that are greasy or leave a residue.


•     Remove dirt and dust from leathers by gently wiping with a clean sponge dampened with lukewarm water.

•     Remove any water residue with a soft cloth.

•     Do not use soaps or cleaning products, as these can cause discoloration and dry out the leather.

•     For more thorough cleaning, see a professional leather cleaner.


•     Never wrap or store leather goods in plastic or plastic-lined bags. Leather is porous and needs to breathe.

•     Keep away from heat, and store in a cool, dry place in a breathable garment bag.

•     For outerwear, hang coats and jackets on wide, padded hangers so the garment maintains its shape.