Outerwear, bags and small leather goods with significant defects excluding normal wear and tear may be eligible for repair within 90 days of their initial purchase date.

Note that RUDSAK reserves the right to refuse any repair at its sole discretion.

Note that a manufacturing defect is any flaw within the design or material of a product which includes; zipper, splitting seems, loss of a button or snap, “dog clip” or “push lock” malfunction.

RUDSAK products are crafted with careful attention to every stitch and detail. Variations in color and grain are natural characteristics of genuine leather that add to the unique allure of each item. Wear and tear is a damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal wear or aging.

Any damages such as tears in material, discoloring of leather or fabric, loss of fur, feather loss, improper care, damages caused by dry cleaners or negligence will not be covered by our warranty and a repair, if possible, may be subject to a fee. Due to the delicate fabrics employed in fashion collections, apparel is susceptible to normal wear and tear and is not covered under any warranty.

Footwear with significant manufacturing defects (ex: zipper, laces, eyelet, heels) may be eligible for repair within 30 days of purchase. Water damage or shoes that take in water are not covered.

RUDSAK items purchased through a third-party retailer or wholesaler must be returned to that said retailer in order to benefit from their provided warranty. We do not offer any alteration or modification to the original design of our products to keep their integrity.

Any product or design altered by a third party, will void the warranty provided by RUDSAK. For more information, please contact our Customer Service team at 1-888-578-3725 or online.